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Rhinoplasty Tunisia

  • For whom ?
  • Intervention
  • Duration of stay
  • Post. recoveries
  • Price

Rhinolasty in Tunisia, for whom?

Rhinoplasty in Tunisia or nose surgery in Tunisia is an intervention aimed at refining the tip or resect a bump.

Very often requested, rhinoplasty allows very aesthetic and consistent results.

The fact that the nose is a central part of the face, disgraces at its level are causing a great demand for cosmetic surgery.

This is usually a bump with the appearance of crooked nose, or a globular tip. The nose so-called Negroid are more difficult to operate: ethnic rhinoplasty.

The purpuse of rhinoplasty in Tunisia is to make the nose more harmonious with the face by correcting a deviation or a bump or making the nose's tip thinner.

The intervention

Before the intervention:

For your rhinoplasty in Tunisia, a consultation with your surgeon and your anesthesiologist is scheduled the day before your surgery.

At the clinic and once installed (e) in your room you will undertake a shower with a « betadine ».

Type of anesthesia:

Rhinoplasty in Tunisia is usually performed under general anesthesia.

hospitalization term:

the duration of hospitalization for rhinoplasty in Tunisia is 2 nights.


The surgery is done through the nostril so no visible scar.

Duration of intervention:

the rhinoplasty in Tunisia lasts 1 hour.

Duration of stay

For your rhinoplasty in Tunisia, the stay is 5 to 6 nights.

Postoperative recoveries

After surgery :

A small plaster is often placed for 48 hours as well as wicks in the nose causing a mouth breathing.

Close monitoring and controls will be provided during your stay, the last day before your departure, your surgeon will give you an operative report and recommendations for suites. /

complications :

Cases of hematoma or infection, are exceptional.

Work stoppage :

It depends on the type of work, downtime is not often necessary, return to work is often possible when you get back.

result :

The result is almost immediate, slightly increased by edema, it stabilizes at 3 months.


The price of a rhinoplasty in Tunisia varies from 1450 to 1750 euros. This price includes both your stay and your surgery in Tunisia and you have nothing else to pay exept the amount that will appear on your quote.

Your stay includes a total of 5 nights, 2 nights at the private hospital and 3 nights of convalescence in a 4 star hotel in single room and full board, multiple transfers airport / hotel and hotel / clinic.

It exclud the personal expenses (extras at the hotel or clinic such as drinks and telephone).

Your response includes the surgeon and the anesthesiologist's fee, clinic fees, care and postoperative pharmaceutics.




Rhinoplastie de réduction (pointe uniquement) 5 JOURS 1450
Rhinoplastie de réduction de bosse ostéo-cartilagineuse 5 JOURS 1650
Rhinoplastie d'augmentation (greffe osseuse ou prothèse) 5 JOURS 1750


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