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Liposuction Tunisia

  • For whom ?
  • What is ?
  • Intervention
  • Duration of stay
  • Post. recoveries
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Liposuction in Tunisia, for whom ?

Well known by the general public, liposuction is the most practiced surgery in cosmetic surgery, however, and immediately, all serious plastic surgeons agree that liposuction is not a technical slimming Indeed, this technique does not make you lose 10 or 20 Kg! but 3-5% of body weight, that is, for a person weighing 80 Kg liposuction in Tunisia should not exceed 3-4 liters fat, so 3-4 Kg, knowing that fat has a fluid consistency and that 1 liter of fat is equivalent to 1kg.

To lose weight, of course it must be followed by a nutritionist, he alone can help to improve food hygiene.

Finally the interest of practicing liposuction in Tunisia, it is rather to redraw the contours of the body, to make lines more harmonious and tackle grease and most visible steatomas.

What is the liposuction ?

Liposuction or liposculpture are surgical techniques which remove by vacuuming, localized fat deposits (called STEATOMaS) which dieting and physical activity couldn’t overcome.

The principle is to introduce cannula under the skin and suck the fat under high pressure.

This liposuction can be performed at the following areas: chin, neck, arms, stomach, hips (saddlebags), waist, buttocks, inner thighs, knees, calves, ankles ...

This is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries and most performed in the world. The results are very interesting providing body harmony for women as well as for men.


The Steatoma correspond to areas of localized deep fat deposits that the body sets aside. The main characteristic of a steatoma is to resist weight loss.

These Steatomas are mainly located in the abdomen, flanks, saddlebags, inner thighs, knees and arms.

Liposuction is very effective on these steatomas because it attacks fat stem cells.


1 / bad candidates for liposuction:
- These are definitely big obese.
- These are also the people who have a significant skin excess, with a skin that it would be unrealistic to expect a retraction; this is the case for people who have lost a lot of weight (more than 20 kg).
- The cases of obesity with weakness and significant diastasis of the abdominal wall, the ineffective liposuction is even risky in these cases, exposing a perforation of a hollow organ.
2 / a good candidate for liposuction is, contrary to popular belief, a person having no or very little overweight but suffers from a so-called localized obesity (steatomas) such as the patient whose photographs appear lower:


The amount of fat sucked is variable but should never exceed 5% of body weight, 1-5 liters of fat are usually drawn.

Amounts aspirated more important expose to general and local complications.

Good suction should not be colitis, sucked fat should have a rather yellow than red color.

The intervention

Liposuction is performed usually under general anesthesia.

The first time involves injecting subcutaneously adrenalined serum to facilitate fat aspiration.

The vacuum itself is made by introducing thin cannulas through small openings of 3 mm in the folds of the skin, so there is no visible or uncomfortable scarring after liposuction.

The fat is slowly aspirated and stored in a jar.

This fat can be used to provide feedback to volume at a different area of the human body, it is the principle of lipo filling: the injection of autologous fat.

Duration of stay

For your liposuction in Tunisia, a stay of 7 days.

Postoperative recoveries

- A restraint panty is placed on the end of the intervention on operating table. It will be wor alternatively during one month.
- The first standing is allowed on the evening of surgery.
- The suites are not very painful, painkillers are prescribed.
- Anti thrombotic prevention is carried out systematically.
- The threads of the suture are absorbable and fall in 15 days.
- First shower authorized the 6th day after liposuction
- The panty is kept for a period of 3 weeks day and night, removing it 1 hour per day is possible from the first week.
- The lymphatic drainage can be started 2-3 weeks after liposuction.
- Edema and bruising will disappear in 3 weeks, the result is visible immediately after liposuction then stabilizes the 2nd month.


The price of a liposuction in Tunisia ranges from 1450 to 1850 euros. This price includes both your stay and your surgery in Tunisia and you have nothing else to pay exept the amount that will appear on your quote.

Your stay includes a total of 5 nights, 2 nights at the private hospital and 3 nights of convalescence in a 4 star hotel in single room and full board, multiple transfers airport / hotel and hotel / clinic.

It exclud the personal expenses (extras at the hotel or clinic such as drinks and telephone).

Your response includes the surgeon and the anesthesiologist's fee, clinic fees, care and postoperative pharmaceutics.




Liposuccion 1 à 2 zones ou abdomen 5 JOURS 1450
Liposuccion  3 à 4 zones 5 JOURS 1650
Liposuccion 5 zones et plus 5 JOURS 1850


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