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Lipofilling face Tunisia

  • For whom ?
  • Intervention
  • Duration of stay
  • Post. recoveries
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Lipofilling face in Tunisia, for whom?

Lipofilling face in Tunisia or reinjection of autologous fat, is a surgical technique for filling grease. Used for aesthetic or restorative referred, it can restore volume to flattened body or facial areas. The purpose of the procedure is to inject the patient to fill fat depression (hollow) natural or post-traumatic) So this is a true self-grafting of fat cells by reinjection of the sampled fat of the patient himself.

This relatively new technique aims to harmonize the facial contours and fill pits and furrows, it is for people whose faces has lost weight and lost volume.

Lipofilling is often associated with a face lift or other cervical surgery.

The goal is to fill the volume loss and folds thus giving high cheekbones and smooth contours

The intervention

Before the intervention :

A consultation with your surgeon and your anesthesiologist is scheduled the day before your surgery.

At the clinic and once installed (e) in your room you will conduct a shower with a « betadine ».

your luggage :

plan a big hat to hide from sunlight, sunglasses and a scarf.

Type of anesthesia :

Lipofilling in Tunisia is usually performed under general anesthesia.

hospitalization term:

one night is enough.

intervention :

Liposuction is performed first to remove fat, 50 ml of fat are usually required to treat an entire face, this fat is then purified and centrifuged to keep only the fat cells that will be injected through a thin tube.

Duration of intervention :

For your lipofilling face Tunisia, about 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Duration of stay

For your lipofilling face Tunisia, the stay is 4 to 5 nights depending on the type blepharoplasty and associated interventions.

Postoperative recoveries

After surgery :

A small bandage is made, the face remains uncovered, an antibiotic, a painkiller and anti inflammatory are prescribed.

Close monitoring and controls will be provided during your stay, the last day before your departure, your surgeon will give you an operative report and recommendations for suites.

complications :

Cases of hematoma or infection, are exceptional.

Work stoppage :

It depends on the type of work, downtime is not often necessary, return to work is often possible when you get back.

result :

The result is almost immediate, increased by a little swelling, it stabilizes at the third week.


The price of a lipofilling face Tunisia varies between 1200 and 1700 euros. This price includes both your stay and your surgery in Tunisia and you have nothing else to pay exept the amount that will appear on your quote.

Your stay includes a total of 5 nights, 2 nights at the private hospital and 3 nights of convalescence in a 4 star hotel in single room and full board, multiple transfers airport / hotel and hotel / clinic.

It exclud the personal expenses (extras at the hotel or clinic such as drinks and telephone).

Your response includes the surgeon and the anesthesiologist's fee, clinic fees, care and postoperative pharmaceutics.




Visage : pommettes, joues sillons naso-geniens et lèvres 5 JOURS 1700
Joues ou lèvres ou sillons naso-géniens 5 JOURS 1200


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