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Breast reduction Tunisia

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  • Post. recoveries
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Breast reduction in Tunisia, for whom?

Breast reduction in Tunisia is a procedure indicated in cases of hypertrophy with ptosis. Patients often complain about "large sagging breasts."

The objective of this intervention is to reduce the volume of the breast keeping it a beautiful shape.

The breast is made up of a woman to another and in episodes of genital lives of three components: fat, glandular tissue and connective tissue (picture 1, 2 and 3).


Weight gain during puberty is a clear risk factor for breast enlargement in young girls.

Breast enlargement by its fatty component, of course, is common in obese women.

Breast enlargement is described as:

- moderate When breast volume is estimated between 400-600 cm3
- Quite large: 600-800cm3
- Important: 800-1000 cm3
- Very important beyond 1000 cm3
- Gigantomastia: breast volume estimated over 1500 cm3

Breast ptosis, for its part, is an almost inevitable physiological phenomenon. It also describes two types of ptosis: Glandular ptosis: involution of the gland (photo 4)

Ptosis skin: for skin aging (photo 5)

Clinical examination should absolutely eliminate an indication against cosmetic surgery of the breast, radiological and ultrasound results are routinely asked to ensure the integrity of the breast.

An anesthesia consultation is planned for the success of the intervention that will happen under general anesthesia.

The intervention


Is to reduce the volume of the mammary gland and reassemble areolas, this at the cost of a scar that will be according to the vertical case (photo 8) or the shape of the letter T inverted ( photo 9).

This procedure takes as appropriate between two and three hours. The final scar depends on the technique used to reduce the breast.

Several techniques exist, the surgeon chooses the one that is most appropriate in question.

The techniques used for important hypertrophy are usually upper or internal-upper pedicle.The final scar draws a reversed T .

The "vertical" technique is typically indicated for small and medium hypertrophy, it is also increasingly used for large hypertrophy.

Duration of stay

For your breast reduction in Tunisia, 7-8 days are needed for a smooth recovery.

Postoperative recoveries

This surgery requires 24-48 hours of hospitalization, the threads used are absorbable, a Redon drain is set to evacuate a possible hematoma, it will be removed after 24 or 48 hours, there must be the wearing of a bra for 1 month, It will provide a work stoppage for about two weeks.


The price of a breast reduction in Tunisia is about 2,300 euros. This price includes both your stay and your surgery in Tunisia and you have nothing else to pay exept the amount that will appear on your quote.

Your stay includes a total of 5 nights, 2 nights at the private hospital and 3 nights of convalescence in a 4 star hotel in single room and full board, multiple transfers airport / hotel and hotel / clinic.

It exclud the personal expenses (extras at the hotel or clinic such as drinks and telephone).

Your response includes the surgeon and the anesthesiologist's fee, clinic fees, care and postoperative pharmaceutics.






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