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Body lift Tunisia

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Body lift in Tunisia, for whom ?

The body lift in Tunisia is a cosmetic surgery particularly indicated after a major regime or following an intervention of weight loss surgery ("by-pass", laying a gastric band).

It can handle a strong sagging skin across the middle third of the silhouette (lap belt, hips, buttocks, back, outer part of the thighs (saddlebags) in a same operation.

Results are often spectacular but be aware that this is a major operation, requiring 2-3 days of hospitalization and 21 days of convalescence.

What is the body lift ?

A body lift in Tunisia consists in reducing excess skin and fat tissue retendant the pelvic region.

It can handle all of the middle third of the silhouette (lap belt, hips, buttocks, back, saddle bags) in a same operation.

The intervention

This intervention is aimed to people who have a high skin laxity in the pelvis. In most cases, the excess skin is due to a significant weight loss after dieting or surgery bariatric surgery (obesity treatment) such as a "bypass" or placing a gastric band.

A body lift may also be indicated after liposuction (when the skin has not tightened enough after removal of fatty tissues).

A body lift can be seen as a gesture of reconstructive surgery for patients who have experienced a major weight loss. It may therefore be an assumption by health insurance. /

During surgery, the surgeon removes a strip of skin of a width between 20 cm and 40 around the basin. The skin is then tightened ("lifted") at the belt. This surgery is usually accompanied by liposuction areas (stomach, hips, buttocks, outer thighs).

The results of a body lift are usually spectacular because the intervention is involved in all of the middle third of the silhouette:
- Hips are regrooved and put back into tension
- The buttocks are lifted
- The curve of the back is corrected
- The waist is slim
- The abdomen is flattened and the skin of the abdomen retightened
- The saddlebags is flattened and tightened to the belt

Duration of stay

5 Days.

Postoperative recoveries

The results of a body lift in Tunisia are often spectacular but be aware that this is a relatively cumbersome procedure, requiring 2-3 days of hospitalization.

The operation, lasting an average of four hours, is performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia.

Despite the scale of the operation, postoperative pain remain moderate.

The result of the intervention can be assessed immediately, despite the post-operative edema. The swelling gradually decreases in the days and weeks following the operation.

A chest physiotherapy and physical therapy starting within days after the procedure is very useful to promote faster and more comfortable recovery.


The dressings are required during the first two weeks and the wearing of contention for 2-4 weeks.

The seating position shall not be allowed during the first days after surgery. The getting up and walking the day after surgery is necessary to reduce the risk of phlebitis. Anticoagulant treatments are generally prescribed as a preventive measure for 10 days.

With SOFTESTHETIQUE, you will leave the clinic with special dressings that allow you to take a shower every day . These dressings will be systematically reviewed in consultation with the doctor whether you need to do it yourself or seeing a nurse (with exceptions).

The return to work of labor is usually possible after 3 weeks and that of a sport after 4-6 weeks. After three-four to six months, the result can be considered definitive outside the scar that will continue to fade over 1-2 years.


To the extent that a body lift involves removing a strip of skin, a scar is a mandatory sequel of this intervention.

Scarring of this type of intervention should be explained clearly by the surgeon during the preoperative consultation.

If the position of the scar depends on the initial patient anatomy, it is nevertheless possible to favor a particular position to fit the dress style of the patient (high waist, low waist) so that it is as invisible as possible in most situations. (it is placed at the level of a resilient "string").

The evolution of the scar last 6 to 12 months. At the beginning red, it will become progressively pink to regain skin color.


As with any surgical intervention, a body lift in Tunisia presents risks that will be explained by the surgeon during the preoperative consultation (see risks in surgery).

The risk of an asymmetrical result (difference of a few centimeters between the two sides of the tank) should be considered. A correction procedure, lighter, can then be seen after a few months.


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