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Abdominoplasty Tunisia - Tummy Tuck

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Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck in Tunisia, for whom?

Abdominoplasty, dermo-lipectomy or Tummy Tuck in Tunisia is a procedure that involves excising the cutaneous excess fat, also called "pendulum", located at the under umbilical region.

The loosening of the skin occurs after childbirth or after a significant weight loss, excess fat is linked with obesity, in the latter case, liposuction is often associated in the same operation to reduce the amount of fat .It also facilitate the abdominal lifting avoiding large separations.

Here are 2 photos illustrating each of the two directions of abdominoplasty.


The intervention

is performed under general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia, it restores to the belly its tone with tight skin necessiting a low horizontal scar hidden by underwear.

Liposuction ,when it is associated with abdominoplasty will magnify the result sucking fat localized at the umbilical region.

The umbilicus is often transposed or redone in a very aesthetic way.

The results are spectacular, the final scar is thin, very discreet and low located

When excess skin is not very important with a high umbilicus implanted, it is possible to perform a mini-abdominoplasty.

Duration of stay

For your abdominal plastic surgery in Tunisia, 9-10 DAYS are required for a good post-operative follow, the collaboration of the family doctor is desirable for further care in return.

Postoperative recoveries

Hospitalization for 3 days and 2 week off work are usually required.

Dressings are done every 3 days until healing. Wearing a lap belt for 2 to 3 weeks is desirable, especially in case of diastasis cure.

Close monitoring and controls will be provided during your stay, the last day before your departure, your surgeon will give you an operative report and recommendations for suites.


The price of an abdominoplasty in Tunisia ranges from 1550 to 2400 euros. This price includes both your stay and your surgery in Tunisia and you have nothing else to pay exept the amount that will appear on your quote.

Your stay includes a total of 5 nights, 2 nights at the private hospital and 3 nights of convalescence in a 4 star hotel in single room and full board, multiple transfers airport / hotel and hotel / clinic.

It exclud the personal expenses (extras at the hotel or clinic such as drinks and telephone).

Your response includes the surgeon and the anesthesiologist's fee, clinic fees, care and postoperative pharmaceutics.




Mini-abdominoplastie par résection cutanée seule 5 JOURS 1550
Mini-abdominoplastie par résection cutanée et liposuccion abdomen et flancs 5 JOURS 2100
Abdominoplastie avec liposuccion, raphie musculaire et transposition de l'ombilic 5 JOURS 2400


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